Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cannonball Adderley, Somethin' Else (Blue Note)

After the rain... You want music for the first day of fall. Or not fall exactly, but that first day of fall just after summer. But not that exactly either, the first day of fall when it still feels like summer. Not summer exactly, that is, maybe the last day of summer when it still feels like summer and you can feel fall coming on in the air, when you can picture the change of autumn leaves. You've been walking around in t-shirts and flip-flops for months, haven't thought at all about all those sweaters in the closet. How the wool will embrace your skin on that first day of slight chill. What will you do? Maybe you'll pick Ania up from work early one Friday, take walk through Delaware Park just as the first leave are falling, go into the Albright-Knox and contemplate Clyfford Still for a while, all jagged yellow white and black until you notice a slight spot of blue that now jumps out at you. Suddenly it will occur to you that Clyfford's got a cool swing to his work, not unlike that of Blakey's ride or Sam Jones' bass, and how the eminently dignified Hank Jones always seems to strike the right key at the right time. Outside Miles Davis will be that first crisp wind of the new season, crystalline sunlight lends definition to vision, Cannonball Adderley that warmth of a wool sweater. You step over to Muse for a drink.

Suggested Wine Pairing: It's still summer, though, so you will need something else to remind you, full of summer sun on an autumn day yet-to-be: Bodegas Vino PiƱol Ludovicus Tinto (Garnacha/Tempranillo/Syrah/Cab) 2005, Terra Alta Spain.

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