Friday, September 26, 2008

Walter Bishop, Jr., "The Walter Bishop, Jr. Trio" (Prestige)

Ania has a particular kind of wine that's hers. She's not adverse to the super-expensive, incredibly refined vintage, of course. But for day-in day-out sipping pleasure, it's got to be deeply red, rich, full of tannins, smooth, and well, delicious but not so damned refined. This reminds me of the last few times I've played Coltrane's "Sun Ship" or Cecil Taylor Unit, you know, I really love that shit, and when I'm really feeling it I can't think of any higher expression of human passion. But sometimes you just not feeling that shit. There's a certain art to the 3-minute jazz track, a workman-like attitude to rolling through standards, not flashing the keys, just playing the right notes at the right time, not too many, not too few. Totally helps to have Jimmy Cobb riding along the ride. Walter Bishop Jr., dude knows where it's at. Ania's kind of wine.

Suggested Wine Pairing: What's that kind of wine? De Gras Reserva, Merlot, Colchagua Chile, 2006. Riding the ride.

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