Monday, December 8, 2008

Charlie Haden, Etudes (Soul Note)

5:30pm. And I wonder where I'm driving. I notice that the time of day has changed. Whereas in summer I would be looking forward to a long afternoon, in winter it might as well be midnight except for all the suits driving home from wherever it is they work. At least they're driving home. They stayed at home all weekend putting up their Christmas tree, hanging round metallic ornaments, and covering perfectly ripe oranges with spikes of clove. I never quite understood the purpose of the clove-encrusted orange, although I admire the way it might rest there in a large decorative bowl in the living room, golden fire behind it, Paul Motian's shimmering cymbals, Geri's Allen's light touch on keys around Charlie Haden's bass, the most lyrically beautiful version of Ornette's "Lonely Woman" ever laid down to tape (including the original, if you can believe that). By the time "Sandino" comes on, I have an urge to throw it into the fire place and watch it burn slowly all the colors of burnt crimson on the cover, releasing the aroma of clove and orange into the winter night. 5:31pm.

Suggested Wine Pairing:
What to go with fruit and spice? Must be a pinot, one as crisp as a fresh apple: Sipino Pinot Noir, Oregon 2006.

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