Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lee Morgan, The Sidewinder (Blue Note)

Some times you need Finnegan's Wake. But not oftentimes. You need Joyce, the world needs Joyce. But some times you want John Updike. Some times you need Eugene Ionesco, but some times you want Tennessee Williams. Some times you need Duchamp, but some times you want John Singer Sargent. Some times you need Vallejo, but some times you want Neruda. Some times you need Pierre Ferrand Selection des Anges, but some times you want Jameson's on rocks. Some times you need "Revolution 9," but some times you want "Satisfaction." Some times you need "Hiroshima, Mon Amour," but some times you want "Duck Soup." Some times you need pan-seared fois gras served on poached pears, but some times you want a chocolate shake and fries. Check that. You always need pan-seared fois gras on poached pears. But when you get the chocolate shake and fries it still makes you very happy. Like all things in life. We always need someone or some thing difficult, someone or some thing to show us new ways to see hear smell taste touch, however painful the process. But some times we just want something that is beautifully crafted, and it helps if it's got some serious groove. Some times you need Ascension. Some times you want Lee Morgan's Sidewinder.

Suggested Wine Pairing: Something good to wash down the shake & fries? I'll take Earthworks Shiraz, Barossa Valley Australia, 2007.

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Damien-Adia said...

Sometimes I need Pierre Menard: all the time.

Which is why I need to record Kind of Blue.