Sunday, April 26, 2009

Freedom is Free!!

Well well well... A long time coming. The bad news is that I haven't been able to blog the Jazz du Terroir for many moons. The good news is that I may have discovered how to podcast in the meantime. If this works, you'll hear ten or so of my fave free jazz tracks (or tracks approximating the free).

The list:

Spoken Intro
David Murray, "The Fast Life" (from Ming)
Albert Ayler, "Ghosts: First Version" (from Spiritual Unity)
Andrew Hill, "Unnatural Man" (from Nefertiti)
Ornette Coleman, "Jordan" (from Sound Grammar)
William Parker, "Foundation #2" (from Painter's Spring)
John Coltrane, "Ascent" (from Sun Ship)
Tomasz Stanko, "First Song" (from Balladyna)
David S. Ware, "Alignment" (from The Wisdom of Uncertainty)
Cecil Taylor, "Living (dedicated to Julian Beck)" (from For Olim)
David Murray, "Interboogieology" (from Interboogieology)

Suggested Wine Pairing: Drink whatever you got!

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